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July 1, 2020

Hello Loves! This world is a crazy place. I’m busier working from home than when I was in the office. The Love & Devotion event in San Diego has been rescheduled to February 20, 2021. There are now two Love & Devotion events scheduled for 2021 and we are hosting online events because we miss the readers. Yes, the authors miss you! And, just when I thought it was safe to go in the water—my home, San Diego, is closing the bars again and has canceled the fireworks shows. So, what’s a girl supposed to do on a holiday weekend? Cook! They can take the fireworks, but not the festive summer picnic. I’m still adapting to high-rise life, so no crazy grilling plans because I refuse to fight for grill time out on the deck. I’ll be making my mom’s potato salad and packaging some extra away for later (it’s the best as potato chip dip). I’m indulging my ballpark withdrawals with burgundy pepper tri-tip crack, the exact same kind I get when I go to the game. And, I’m trying out some new side dishes—I’ve already got firecracker carrots pickling in the refrigerator. Baseball players report today, so I’m hoping for player sightings over the next few weeks while they have work outs in town. I can’t wait for baseball! Do you feel the same? The crack of the bat. The scent of the freshly cut field. The aroma of ballpark dogs and barbecue. Who am I kidding? The hot guys in those pants, stretching on the field pre-game. Yep. That’s what I miss most, and the yelling louder than anyone else in the stadium when my player rakes one. I need to write baseball. I’ll be doing that soon. Michelle and Mason have some business to tend to. Maybe that’s how I’ll spend the holiday weekend—writing some bedroom (and maybe some shower) fireworks for them. Baseball & Butts, Naomi

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