All About the Diamond Romance Series

The Sweet Spot


Rick Seno is a sexy warrrior behind the plate in his catcher's gear. In control and calling the game for the San Diego Seals. He'd show me the same attention in my bed, if he was more than my imaginary baseball boyfriend.

I've worn a Seno jersey to every game since Rick became a big leaguer. It's silly. I'm almost a decade older than him. I don't compare to the flawless baseball skanks who wait for him at the player's garage.

But, what am I supposed to do when the All-Star of my dreams

invites me out after a game?

I can't believe he wants me. Until tonight, I was completely content with my life. Now I'm not sure I can make it home safe.



King of Diamonds


You have to take risks if you want to win.

Rick Seno was my fantasy baseball boyfriend for years. In real life, he’s more than I imagined he could be. 


I love him. He changed my life. I still left him.


Rick did everything he could to get me back. He never gave up on me.


I won’t leave him again.


I love how Rick defends me. I wish it wasn’t on the field, protecting me instead of home plate. It had my heart pounding. It was hot to have my own major leaguer fight for me.


Time on suspension could be a reward or a punishment. Will it break us? It might be exactly what my king and I need.

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Diamonds in Paradise


My baseball fantasy came true.


For the next two weeks, I get to have him all to myself in my favorite place.


I love Hawaii. The North Shore has always felt like home.


Relaxed Rick with a tropical tan. Shaggy and unshaven. Days without putting a shirt on. His strong chest and abs exposed.


But, when our vacation turns into more, it’s life changing.


I want to give him everything. All he wants is me.



Books from other series'

Muffin Man


Rules are made to be broken.


Mick’s the hot fireman who rescued me. One look at his muscled body and gorgeous smile, I'm on fire.


He doesn’t do second dates. Neither do I.


He’s perfect. I’ve always wanted a fireman. We've got three days together.

I’m going to enjoy it.



Robbi’s a bleach blond with a shape to die for. Her sexy, smart-assed mouth drives me crazy. 


She wants me, but I’m married to my job.


I want a special woman like her in my life, unfortunately it’s not an option. She deserves better than me.


It’s three days and we’re done.


This might work out for both of us.


What does it take to save you from yourself?



Just a California Girl


Who knew I’d meet the love of my life on a girls night in Las Vegas? Definitely not me.


“Remember the moment we’re together when I’m your world and nothing else exists. I’ve never had that with anybody else and I’m willing to bet you haven’t either.”


Those heartfelt words that fell from his lips have taken residence in my head, crushing my soul since I haven’t told him who I am. What if he doesn’t want the real me?


Danny’s a hunky metal head with soulful brown eyes. His sexy tiger tattoo makes me burn from the inside out. He’s everything I want and need.


I want to keep him. But, I can’t tell him I love him until I confess my innocuous lie. I wouldn’t believe it myself.


Betting on Love… could be the riskiest gamble of all.



Also coming soon: 

Jacks!, the follow up to Just a California Girl and book 2 in my Betting on Love Series


Finally in Focus, a second chance novella about a photographer and the girl he's known since high school.


Confessions of an Online Junkie, the standalone story of a young woman and the men she meets online during her journey to finding the one.


Star-Crossed in the Outfield, An All About the Diamond Romance #4 (2019)


The Closer, An All About the Diamond Romance #5 (2019)


Up to Bat, An All About the Diamond Romance #6


Stalking Second, An All About the Diamond Romance #7


Strings Attached, Betting on Love #3


Finally in Focus (2019) 


Confessions of an Online Junkie 

Watch for full blurbs and excerpts!


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