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Young Crush is LIVE!


Do you have your copy loaded up on your kindle?

If not, go 1-click now! It's only $.99!

10 NA/YA stories that will make you swoon and bring back memories of your first kiss...

Life was a Miracle by DC Renee

Finding Home by @DanielleWright

Bonfires and Fireflies by Rayne Elizabeth

Stupid Boy by Naomi Springthorp

Cillian's Revelation (A Family Lies Short Story) the debut of Raelyn D'Coursey

Fire of the Sun by Stefany Rattles

Wanting the Unexpected (A Life Unexpected Short Story) by Rachel Lyn Adams

The Bridge by Victoria Hyla

Who You Used To Be by Jillian Liota

Shame on You by Tonya Clark


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